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Assessment & Therapy, LLC
Psychodiagnostic Assessment  & Therapy Services
for Children and Families

Helping your child to blossom

Marion Ruth David, PhD
Licensed Child Clinical Psychologist


Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services for Children & Teens Aged 3 to 17, Including:

Child & Family Psychotherapy

Developmental Assessment

Evaluation for Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Intellectual (IQ) Assesment






















    • Developmental assessments

    • Social, emotional and behavioral testing

    • ADHD evaluations

    • Neuropsychological testing

    • Cognitive (IQ) assessments

    • Testing for learning disabilities

  • Personality and mental health assessments


    Nothing is more important than your child. We understand.

    You don't have to do this alone.

    Parenting is difficult, no matter what your child's needs. And every child, without exception, faces developmental challenges. Smart kids often struggle with learning disabilities. Loving families commonly contend with kids displaying emotional or behavioral problems.

    Yet children with special needs are invariably blessed, as well, with special gifts.

    It can be frightening to share concerns about your child. But you needn't be afraid to talk about your concerns. Tuning in to your child's needs, and deciding to do something to meet those needs, are signs that you are a loving, perceptive parent. And the good news is this: children are astonishingly responsive to appropriate, sensitive, professional intervention.

    Northwest Child Assessment & Therapy is an excellent place to begin when you are looking for answers and practical solutions to the challenges your child is facing. I am an experienced, doctoral-level professional committed to working with you to better understand and address your child's diverse social, emotional, educational, and intellectual needs. My business is here for one reason: to help your child achieve his or her full potential.

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